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Convertable picnic table. Answered

Hi all.
Someone asked me if I could build a table like this:- https://youtu.be/v0QtnPiKgQk
I'm sure I've seen an 'ible for something similar but don't seem to be able to find it.
Any ideas folks?


Nostalgic Guympilchfamily

Reply 4 years ago

Thanks that's just what I needed, I've also linked to it on an allotment group I'm a member of on Facebook as some people have been commenting on the same table.

I must admit I didn't really do a search of the web as I had the one I've seen on Instructables fixed in my mind.


4 years ago

I know what you mean, I'm sure I've seen similar as well, but I can't find it.

Nostalgic GuyKiteman

Reply 4 years ago

There is definatly one on Instructables somewhere I remember thinking it would be perfect for some friends of mine.