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Converted 1990 Ninja ZX-6 Electric Motorcycle Answered

I'm cross posting this here as I know this is a community of folks who might appreciate something like this project.  I've recently converted a sportbike to electric power.  It was a grad school project but since I'm in the Active Army, I have to PCS (move) to Izmir, Turkey for one year.  Since I don't want to let it sit for a year in my garage, I'm selling it on ebay.  Please check it out and spread the word to anyone interested.
It would make a great bike for a college student to ride around campus or the local town.  Or a great starter bike for someone beginning to learn how to ride motorcycles as there's no distracting engine noise or clutch work.  I live in Kansas City, Missouri but have a flexible schedule so I can work with different shipping methods that you use.

here's the link and some features:



-Top Speed: about 52 mph as geared depending on windspeed and terrain
-Range: about 15 miles depending on terrain and riding habits
-Acceleration: adequate for traffic
-Charge time: 5-6 hours
-Motor: 72volt GE series wound DC
-Batteries: 6 x 12volt 35ah Power Sonic AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)
-Controller: Alltrax AXE-7245 (Programmable and with data logging capability via USB cable)
-Charger: 72volt 8amp, plug comes out of gas cap and can be plugged in any standard outlet
-Contactor: Kilovac EV200 by Tycho Electric
-Main Fuse: 400 amp
-Battery cage and motor mount: welded angle and tube steel
-Weight: 422 lbs  (47 lbs lighter than the factory weight)
-72v to 12v converter to run factory wiring harness


-PakTrakr display to show total pack voltage and individual battery voltages
-Motor controller can log data via USB cable for battery pack voltage, Motor current, Battery current and throttle position (the graph p
icture was made by importing the data to microsoft excel)
-Factory key switch enables contactor
-Neutral dash light wired to show contactor status
-Manual switch enables controller
-Sidestand switch linked to "interrupt" relay in contactor circuit
-Street legal, registered and insured in Missouri




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11 years ago

15 mile range what thats horable