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Converting 3 AAA device to direct power point plug Q? Answered

Dear electronic gurus, i need some urgent assistance with this "relatively" simple problem, but am not sure how to work it out...
i have a device that is like a multi-colour changing light bulb ( not sure if it is glass or led ( most probably the later)), which REQUIRES 3 AAA batteries in the sequence of UP DOWN UP (standing arrangement) and I wish to convert this towards something that i could directly use a DC plug point power source ( 240v ) ...

Can anyone please assisst / provide an instructable for me ? I've looked at something like this (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AU-Power-Supply-Adapter-Converter-AC-110-240V-to-DC-4-5V-1A-w-6-x-plug-converter-/200874819533?pt=AU_Laptop_Accessories&hash=item2ec5127fcd) which is a AU Power Supply Adapter Converter 100V-240V AC to DC 4.5V 1A Jack 5.5x2.1MM but am not sure if it is correct and don't want the light bulb to blow up on me .. i understand some soldering may be required but need guidance on the whole project.... Please please throw your ideas at me

I'm thinking if this is successful, i might do it for another similar device making it two light bulbs  which can be powered through the same point if possible to maintain synchronization of the colour change :)

Thanks heaps in advance!! :D


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