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Converting AC power to DC power Answered

I have a question about converting AC to DC using only two Diodes. I know you can have one transformer

with a center tap and use two diodes. The question is, if I have two transformers connected in series to each other

can I do a center tap between the transformers and still use two diodes? The transformers both have the same

voltage out put.

Thanks for any help



1 year ago

Yes, you can, you'll have to be careful to get them phased properly, or you'll not see the output volts you expect. If the transformers are from the same maker they will both start and stop on the same pins. Most transformers are marked 0V and (phase) V, connect one transfomer's 0V to the OTHER transformers phase volts, thats the 0V reference for your DC supply- and put your diodes on the other two pins.


Answer 1 year ago

I was pretty sure I could do that but just wanted to make sure. Thanks for answer