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Converting Attiny45 to a Atmel168? Answered

Has anyone replaced an ATTiny45 with an Atmega168 in order to have addtional I'O's?


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11 years ago

No, I haven't tried it.

Do you have the source code for the ATtiny? If so, can you substitute a different AVR for the ATtiny45? It's very likely you can... with caveats.

If you don't have the source, the object code will NOT work.

Frankly, the ATtiny and ATmega series have quite a few differences internally. Not enough to prevent attempting the substitution, but the default clock, internal registers and such vary.

But why would you use a 16K chip to replace a 4K chip, if the # of I/O lines were the only issue? Why not use a cheaper ATmega48 or ATmega88?

That's like saying: "Can I replace my MiniCooper with a Cadillac Escalade?" The answer is maybe--if you can afford the extra expense, and if it's not too big for the job, physically.