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Converting NTSC camera to Webcam? Answered

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use NTSC camera as a webcam by converting the output to USB. I want it to be a webcam so that I can play around with it in MATLAB.


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2 years ago

You certainly can and have many options to do so.
Cheapest and easiest would be a Video converter stick.
They have RCA inputs like any normal cam uses and simply plug into your USB.
Noname ones can comes as ceap as 10 bucks while top brands can set you back over $100 but in return you often get good software bundled with it while the cheap stuff comes with only drivers and pure basics.
Some graphics cards (especially older ones) also offer a video input but no chance in a modern PC unless you buy a dedicated card.
Last but not least you can try to hack a cheap webcam with the same resolution and video system, so don't use a PAL webcam ;)
Quite often the cam stuff is seperated from the USB part and a simple connector joins them.
On the connector you should find the video signal, common ground and the supply voltage for the cam module, usually 5V.
If you cam needs a different voltage then provide it with a seperate power supply and connect ground to the common ground to prevent interference.