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Converting Power Source Answered

I am trying to convert an electric string of LED lights to 12 V battery power. (I am using them on my golf cart, which has a 12 V battery and would like to run the lights using a switch that is attached to the battery.). How do I do this? I have attached a photo of what I have.


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2 years ago

You may not understand polarity (no skills on your homepage).. You should know how to crimp and solder stranded wires.

A DC battery has a positive and a negative terminal also called polarities..

1] Quickest and simplest, (Unplug the wall wort) and simply cut the wire between the switch and the wall wart at 45_degrees to the wires line.. Then (Plugin the wall wort) and use a volt meter measure which wire is positive (some units have marked wires).. Finally take the switch side

Long_wire if the wall wort positive was short or

Short_wire if the wall wort positive was long..

2] Panel Switch, get a panel mount toggle switch and solder two 16 gauge red stranded wires to the switch.. Next cut your LED strip where needed and solder a red wire to the + terminal and a black 16 gauge stranded wire to the - strip..

Now attach the other red wire to battery plus and black wire to battery minus == ground..

Voila you are done !


2 years ago

If your string of LEDs runs on 12v, that's most of your system right there. The voltage should be printed on the strip. That LED strip you have doesn't appear to be waterproof. If you plan to use it, make sure it's protected from water. You can buy waterproof LED strips on ebay, Amazon etc.

I'm assuming your golf cart is gas powered as most electric ones run on higher voltages.

All you need to do is use a barrel connector, like the one on your power supply. These are usually 5.5 mm (outer diameter) x 2.1 mm (diameter of the pin inside). You can buy those on ebay or cut off the one on your power supply. The center pin is usually positive. Connect wires (these wires can be very thin, like thin speaker wires) to the battery terminals. How you do that depends on the type of connectors used on the battery. You might be able to pinch the wires in between the battery terminal and it's cable clamp. Make sure the polarity is correct, positive to positive, negative to negative or it just won't work. Nothing bad will happen if the polarity is reversed.

Use an automotive style switch, toggle, rocker or push button (not a momentary push button) that interrupts the current on one of the wires. Make sure the polarity is correct, positive to positive, negative to negative or it just won't work.

Here is a basic DC circuit with switch. The light bulb represents your LED strip.