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Converting Wireless PS3 Rock Band Guitar to Wired USB? Answered

I'm a bit late to the Rock Band party (okay, *a lot*), so I when I saw a PS3 Rock Band wireless guitar at a Goodwill store, I excitedly bought it, but when I got it back home, I was disappointed to find that it does not use the PS3's Bluetooth after doing some research, and actually requires a special wireless RF dongle that I did not receive with the guitar. Unfortunately, these things cost around 30 bucks on their own.

So, I've been wondering if it's possible to make this wireless guitar use a USB cable instead (perhaps to just work with the PC). Is something like this even possible without swapping the internals altogether? Thank you in advance.


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7 years ago

It's possible to wire the buttons to an Arduino and use it as a USB input device to a PC through the Arduino. You should be able to find plenty of arduino projects that use the guitar hero and rock ban guitars.