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Converting a Dell ATX to a hobby power supply? Answered

I have a Dell computer ATX power supply which I want to convert to a hobby power supply providing +12volts and +5volts. The Dell power supply does not have a switch which I do not require anyways. When I examined the wiring in the power supply I noticed there is no "green" wire that is used by the computer to turn the power supply on. In your conversion this green wire is connected to the a black ground to wire fire up the power supply. My question: What wire in the Dell power supply is used to fire up the power supply since there is no "green" wire? Is there any special wiring procedures particular to Dell that is different than the standard power supply?



7 years ago

So, how do you convert a Dell power supply to run 12V and 5V? All the wires coming out are 5V, except for the 2 common ground wires (gray and purple); I tested them all on my voltmeter. The 5V supplies run fine without fussing around with the green wire. However, you can't stack them up in series to get a higher multiple voltage without shorting out the PS. How do you convert the dang Dell into a 12V PS??


9 years ago

Here you go :)
.. And here.

Hope that answers it. Be careful an measure twice .. I remember when Compaq and IBM did this proprietary stuff, it just causes SOOOO many problems.