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Converting a LCD video brochure into a monitor. Answered

I've recently found a video brochure, that consists of a 4.3" lcd display module, among other things. I'm interested in turning it into a second monitor for my computer.

Is it possible to connect it through a mini-usb? (other means also welcome)

Thanks oukes



5 years ago

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I think you get the picture ;)
With no information at all, there won't be anyone here that is able to help you.

4.3" as a computer monitor is a bad joke anyway unless you want to use it as a status display for your temps and fan speeds - and there are better ways of doing it.

So what is the screen resolution?
What type of connection is used?
What are the "other tings"?
Where did the video data come from?

Post some decent and detailed pictures if you can't find any infos about it...


Reply 5 years ago

Yes, I'm terribly sorry for the lack of information, it was late, but that's no excuse. My apologies.

As I had stated, I've extracted a 4.3" LCD display module from a video brochure. The other components were a 3.7v 520mAh rechargeable battery, a mini USB connection port, a magnetic on/off switch, 3 buttons, a chipboard and a speaker(8ohm / 2W)

You were correct in saying it would be a bad joke to use it a a monitor, and also correct in saying that I possibly wanted to use it as a PC status monitor (GPU temp, Core temp etc.)

Would it be possible to do this through the mini USB port? Or are other means necessary?

Please do message me for any other info.


Reply 5 years ago

I can't make out any real details on the circuit board but from what I see only no name chinaware was used to produce it.

I would try to find out how the USB port works, e.g. if you can access the memory on the device.
Could also be wired as a J-tag programming connection...
To me it looks like it is a video player that plays a pre defined file from the internal memory.
Since there is no info on the display itself it will be hard to find out how to drive it.
Why does it display "no file" instead of playing the advertisement?


Reply 5 years ago

Ahh, I see,

When i plug it in through the USB cable, it shows up as a USB storage device. I had already deleted the advertisement contained on it. All it contains now is a folder labeled 'VIDEO'.


Reply 5 years ago

I hope you know what the files were called, if so you can still use it as a video player.
With detailed info on the CPU on that thing it might be possible to feed a AV signal directly into it but I doubt you will find any datasheets for the chips on the board.