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Converting a .dwg into a .stl for 3D printing a house design (Converting to watertight mesh/ 3d volume) Answered

Hey you guys,

I am hoping to use the powers of a crowd to find a quick answer to my problem.

I have the architectural Design (.dwg) of a given house (simple model for comparison attached). I need to convert this into a .stl file, preferrably using Fusion360 or Autocad. (newest Version)

I understand that the type of the walls and roof is not a 3D volumetric type or a watertight mesh, so the question is how to get there. (Also: of what type of "structure" are these walls - I mean .. they are 3D?)

I am an electronics engineer by training, so my CAD knowledge is rather restricted to PCB design. I would be pleased if you can help me out with this, so I can get back to those PCB's :)

Thank you guys a lot!



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2 years ago

All recent versions of Autocad will let you open and export DWG files.
You can find a basic tutorial for that here:

However, this process will fail if the DWG file is made badly.
Unless it is fully "watertight" and solid it simply can not be converted.
The informations must match for a success.
Sadly a lot of programs are great for 3D design with no regards to any after use.
For them it only needs to look good on the screen or a print.
Only real solution to desging from the start with a program that is capable of handling the tast from start to finnish.
Or to design in such a way that you can export at least parts of the creation in a proper way.
I can not import or open the file you attached, so either it is far too bad or not compatible with anything I have at my disposal.
More options with other programs are listed here:

Without knowing how bad your file is I can only suggest you check for what you have in soldid objects and then try to use them for what comes next.
But I assume you won't heve enough to go with, at least no if you want something that is close what you have as a DWG.
There are tools, even online, that claim to be able to repair your 3D files but from my experience they fail if most the object is incomplete.