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Converting a stereo system into an amplifier Answered

Right so I have a Ministry of Sound, MT2, Power Tower, HI FI System. It has two external speakers which are fairly crap and a decent sub woofer. I want to take out the sound board and the screen interface, des guard the tape and CD player and remount them into a new housing. Currently the output sockets are 3.5mm headphone sockets which the speakers which came with it originally plugged into. However I have much better quality bookshelf speakers which I want to hook up. Is it possible to hook up my new speakers effectively turning e self contained stereo system into an amplifier?



4 years ago

Speakers only need two wires, if you check you amp you will notice the headphone jacks onyl connect to two points on the circuit board.

You can either replace the plugs with proper speaker terminals or cut the wires off the existing ones and connect the new speakers to the headphone jacks.

To use this thing as an amp you will need an audio input, if no external is available you can take the one from the CD drive, but you might need to adjust the levels from the source as these audio "inputs" only use very little voltage.