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Converting at 9V solar panel output to 5V using diodes and voltage regulators Answered

Hello i was recently sold a solar panel which was the wrong voltage i need to step down the output from 9V to 5 or 6V. I have been given two TA7805S voltage regulators and 6 diodes and told i can do it with these but i don't know how any ideas?



6 years ago

The panel doesn't put out enough amperage to really damage anything that needs 5V. If you put a load on the panel and check the output. You'll see that the voltage already drops below the 9V. 12V panels tend to output upwards of 15V when in full sun and there is no load. That 9V panel may actually be a 5V panel.

As for the 7805. Google for the data sheet online. That will show you how to hook it up.