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Converting computer speakers into portable, rechargable iPod speakers? Answered

I have a set of stereo computer speakers that run off a 9v power supply, I'd like to replace this power supply with a bank of 8 1.2v cells (9.6v) that I could recharge with the original (9v 94mA) power supply. First of all, would I need to regulate the voltage down to 9v, or will 9.6v be fine on a simple amplifier circuit? Secondly, would I need any circuitry to allow the 9v supply to charge 9.6v worth of cells? Would some kind of auto cutoff circuitry be necessary to prevent overcharging of the cells, or would common sense by not leaving it charging for long periods suffice? Thanks, Pir8 Pablo.


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11 years ago

Check out my instructable for a simple stereo amplifier. www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Stereo-Amplifier/

It will run off 6 - 16 volts, so your 9.6v battery should be fine.  You can hook your computer speakers to it.  As for charging, you could wire a male connector of any sort (JST, Deans, Bananna plugs, etc.) to the battery pack and a charger and wire two matching female connectors in parallel to the power input of the circuit.  Then wire a switch in so you plug in the battery and flip the switch to 'on' to use the amp, then flip the switch to 'off' and plug in the charger to the other female connector to charge the battery.  The positive and negative sides of the charger and battery are already aligned for charging this way because remember, you wired up the two female connectors in parallel.  Hope this helps (sorry for the late response).