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Cool ideas for USB stick mods? Answered

I have some USB stick chips, and I want to make special cases for it, try to sell it and if it's a success I'll keep doing it. Now I need some ideas. They don't fit in a lego piece. I'm thinking of making a few with a bust of Indiana Jones around it(I can make replica's of one because I have moulding supllies) thanks



10 years ago

The popular ones I've sen lately tend to be something something to make you look twice, like the frayed USB cable, or the tree branch, or the bloody thumb. Or remix an old storage medium, like putting them in an audio tape case, or 3 1/2" floppy disks or old Nintendo cartridges or 8-track tapes. Or just retro like PEZ dispensers or other toys from childhood. I've thought of using some resin to make one look like fluid is dripping/pouring/shooting out of the side of my laptop.


Reply 7 years ago

I just had an awesome idea! What if you put it in a pen so you could write with it and use it as a pen. what I've also seen is an eraser USB


Reply 10 years ago

Thanks for the ideas! Yea, I say those popular special USB sticks too. Sticking it in a Pez dispenser could be really easy if the chip fits in... That fluid idea could be really cool and easy to make


10 years ago

I was thinking of casting "things" in lead or zinc, but I'm doubtful on the moulds I have right now for a USB stick. serves as a bump