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Copy Cassette to CD Answered

How do I copy my cassette's to CD? I have one car that only has a CD player and I would like to listed to my cassette language learning tape, but can't until I can figure out how to transfer them. I do have a CD burner, but don't know how to get the info from the cassette to the burner or computer. Thanks for your help!


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12 years ago

Hello, thats a rather simple task.
You will ned:

-a tapedeck or old walkman
-a 3.5mm jack-jack cable
(some tapedecks have larger jacks or just cinch, so you might need a slightly different cable)

-a computer with soundcard
-recording software such as the free http://audacity.sf.net

Now simply plug the tapedeck's headset output to your soundcards microphone input.

Go to Audacity.
Go to the options and change the recording settings to 44khz instead of 48khz, 16 bit stereo instead of 32 bit. (Otherwise some other programms will have trouble opening the audio files later)
Select the microphone port as input device in audacity, hit record.

Cut, clean, mix.
Save as WAV-File (or MP3).

If you have a cd-burning programm, it might have a audio cd creation tool, where you can simply import the recorded tracks.
If not, even Microsoft's Mediaplayer can do that, or look for burning freeware al http://all4you.dk.

Depending on country and power system you may note a slight or even annoying buzzing noise in the recording.
This is because the power from the outlet is an alternating current modulated with 50 Hz (60 Hz) which will create this phenomenon.
There are several solutions such as plugging the plug in the other way arround (europe), using the same outlet for both devices, or special cables, opto-audio converters etc.etc.
But if you have a laptop or a walkman, you can simply avoid that by batery opperating it instead of operating it on the poweradapter.
I allways unplug the laptop and then the problem is solved.


Reply 12 years ago

Thanks for your reply. We'll give it a try!


12 years ago

What I would do is just get a portable tape deck player and an portable FM transmitter and tune your FM radio in your car to the tape deck.