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Cordless Drill Issues Input! Answered

Hey guys whats up, I'm a senior in highschool doing an engineering project involving cordless drills.

As the "research" part I made a little survey (5 questions, takes like 10 seconds of your time) and I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you guys would just answer a couple of questions regarding the battery life on cordless drills you use.

http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/599YLYQ here's the link

Thank you so much!


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8 years ago

I think the answer to your question is the battery maker conspiracy consortium.  Technology has improved to make Li-polymer the best choice for size and performance but it is still relatively expensive.  Cordless has it's use but if they can't sell you a replacement battery which is the only way to run your tool - and proprietary to that brand, they make no money.  Same economics thought like ink and toner cartridges.  There are no plug-in adapters available on the market for cordless tools.  It would be handy is someone did make one.


Reply 8 years ago

I'm thinking about designing this "adapter piece" as a commercial endevor, and of course I would do an instructable too on it!

PLEASE FILL OUT THE SURVEY MONKEY, no no don't you even think about leaving without filling it out! please I need your input!