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Core Skills Answered

I've been thinking about writing on the subject of core skills and or resources that branch out to other skills and allow a person to get the most out of living, building, making etc. I think that the Instructables members have these skills in spades but there are plenty of people that look at what all of you do and think "That's cool but I could never do that". Which is the opposite of what this site is about.

Now I'm saying skills but I think there are also other factors that apply. Obviously having enough time to work on projects is important but really that's a skill too, time management. Tools might be another factor, things like a Dremel tool, Sugru, etc. really open up what a person can do. I'd like to consider things like that also in this endeavor.

These are the core skills I've identified, some of them seem really simple but I think they need mentioning. I'm also pretty sure a few of these are already covered by ibles.
Measuring Length
Checking for Level and Plumb
Using a Claw Hammer
Using a Sledge Hammer
Identifying Screwdriver Bits
Powertools - Saws (what they are best used for, describing Circular, Table, Jig, Band, Scroll, etc)
Powertools - Drills (best practices, maybe identifying drill bits etc.)
Powertools - Grinders (Hand, Bench, Die, etc)
Reading a Multimeter (and what to do with those readings)
Reading a Schematic
Gluing (and what kind of glue is good for different purposes)

Then I got a little esoteric and thought about what it takes to accomplish projects.
When to do research and when to just start doing. (Because I used to spend way to much time worrying about accumulating data on a project)
How to balance projects with living your life. (Because I still have problems with that. But I do have some tips. Falls into time management.)
How to find that part you're missing (I haven't really thought about this one much, but it would be great to have a thought process in place.

There are likely a lot more. I admit this would be a large project to compile and may span several ibles. Do you have any input on how to accomplish this? What skills have you found to be at the core of your efforts to make things? Instructables has some real brainpower here I think if there is a group that could distill this down to something manageable it would be us.


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