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Corn starch or talcum powder as mold release? Answered

What is your opinion on using corn starch or talcum powder as a mold release?


Paige Russell

Best Answer 2 years ago

Hi Banzai Beagle,

I don't recommend using corn starch or talcum powder as a mold release. Neither give perfect, total coverage of the mold surface that most mold materials require. Silicone rubber is the only mold material that you can get away with using the powders without a mold release.

What powder is good for, is giving a cast piece a matte finish instead of a shiny one!

Just add a light dusting of either corn starch or talcum powder to the inside of a mold AFTER applying a mold release, and your piece will come out with a very subtle matte textured surface.

Hope this helps!


sergiosdumePaige Russell

Answer 1 year ago

It would be better to dissolve Vaseline in nafta (15% to 85%) to make a demolding agent that work almost in anything. Once applied carefully you can clean softly to avoid strikes from the brush.