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Corporate IT has disabled writing to USB drives. Anyway to bypass this? Answered

Now when I try to save files to the drive I get a write-protect error.



9 years ago

I've had to bypass the inability to write or read from my CD drive.

Open up notepad and type in "start regedit" without quotes.
Save it AS a .bat file.
Double click it, should open up registry editor.
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Uninstall

If there's anything that says NoAddFrom...  Then double click it and change the value to 0.


10 years ago

Check your employment agreement/contract. You will probably find an intellectual property clause that is incredibly comprehensive. You risk your employment circumventing these clauses. Be very careful with transferring company info/data or even the appearance of such activity- your job could be at stake!


10 years ago

Why not email the files to yourself?

But first, you need to ask yourself two things:
  • Is this policy useful? Am I or my coworkers dealing with information that could result in lawsuits or worse if it were made public?
  • Regardless of whether the policy is useful, would I be able to justify taking files home to an angry and power-tripping head IT guy, or to overrule the protests and justify the action to his or her boss?