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Corset making Answered

Does anyone know how to get more views on etsy? I make corsets and theatrical clothing and I don't get a lot of views.



http://www.etsy.com/shop/amneh << That's my site if that helps with the advice! 



7 years ago

More than anything, I would make getting good photos of the finished project a priority. Your corsets look great, but it's hard to imagine what they'd look like on. I'd try taking photos outside or near a window during the day, and putting them on a dressform or having a friend model them.

You don't need an expensive camera, either... just a little point and shoot and some photo editing software like picasa, which is free. :)

There's a great ible about getting good photos, I do a lot of these things to improve my pictures:

After you've got fancy photos, I'd try starting a blog, or posting on sites like craftster or burdastyle. I do both and get a lot of hits.

You might also want to try reaching out to the online LARPing/fantasy community, or market with local renaissance faires. :)


7 years ago

Please do not take any offense to what I hope is just constructive criticism that you can improve upon.

Take better photos of your product. You need a better solid color background that contrasts or compliments the corset fabric. A plain dark bedsheet will do. Better lighting to make the colors of the fabric pop.

Make or get a dress form if you do not have a live model to fit the clothes. Laying out the corset does not show how formfitting it is and the way the seams should meet up together. You want that custom tailored look, even though it should be rustic looking, no one wants to buy something that will not be complementary on themselves.

Just looking at the pink paisley one up close:
A rumply poufy sleeve shirt does not complement the corset - that may be a handmade one seeing from the unfinished underarm seam. Unless you are trying to sell the shirt too, leave that for another listing.

Clip off the ends of your loose threads. Pay attention to detail.

For the workmanship, maybe because it is laying flat, I can't tell if all of your edge seams are even and matched . They would be acceptable if hand stitched but they are machine seams.

One of the front pieces has a wierd looking bottom corner that seems curled and bound with thread, was that a mistake or bad job in finishing off the corner?

Maybe you should use a lining fabric on your corsets. Think about what makes this a finished product you would buy off the shelf?

You should use a leather cord or color matched cord for your laces. Pretty up the knot or at least the ends of the cord.

I'm guessing the last few have distressed dirty beggar looks on them. The weathering does not look realistic if you do not also abrade the cloth for a naturally worn look. Stains and blotches don't look like that. Put it on an you will see that is not where your hands would rub up and get dirt on,

Present your product like you want to put it in the fashion magazines. You are trying to sell something that someone else would think that they cannot do it themselves.

Good luck.


7 years ago

You need to know about something called "search engine optimisation" (SEO), but be careful as you search for it, as there are quite a few spammy sites on the subject.

In the mean time, you could post Instructables of your corsets, adding your etsy shop's address at the end of each one ("the finished item is now for sale at...").

Away from instructables, try "tweeting" your various products and asking friends on Facebook to pass the address around.

Plus, when you write an instructable, you should send the URL and a few details to any popular sewing and costume blogs you know. Oh, and I think your corsets would fit in well at Brass Goggles:


(By the way - welcome to Instructables!)


7 years ago

Well they say that sex sells. You could use models to show off thier/your products. Of course as a guy I'm more likely to look at a well filled out corset than one not filled out. But on the same hand I'm not normally looking for such an item. So you need to know your who your trying to reach and what they are looking for.