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Cost of living? Answered

We drive a Jetta Diesel. TDI. Fuel here in Canada is now over $5.00 a gal. and although we get 50 + miles per gal. we are wondering what cooking oil we can directly pour into the fuel tank. We have heard that someone in England is doing it, as gas over there is $12. + a gal.

Has anyone had any experience. Many years ago the VW company said that if not able to get diesel, get some peanut oil. Any thoughts?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Climate determines what you can get away with, running veggie oil. In the summer, in the UK, we can run on 50-60% SVO in dino-diesel, but in the winter, you can only run on 10%.

To run on SVO completely, you need a dual fuel setup - run the engine up to temperature on dino, then switch to SVO for cruise, then bring the engine down on dino after a run. The SVO tank is usually heated by passsing hot water pipes from the radiator circulation through the tank.



8 years ago

. Try looking in the Related section to the right and down a little bit. The search box above works great. Google is your friend.