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Could I get some advice when building a very strong vortex cannon? Answered

I want to make something like this but without a shotgun. http://www.dispatch.com/content/graphics/2012/03/18/sci-votex-gun-art-gqigfas4-10318gfx-sci-vortex-gun-eps.jpg

My question is, would hooking up an air cannon to the vortex cone work?

If so, how or would there be a better way?

If not, how else could i do it?

The goal is to make an automated strong vortex cannon. I'd rather not use the normal "airzooka" type of vortex cannon.


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6 years ago

Yes, but I would use a different profile for the cannon.

Have a look at this - an air cannon could replace the acetylene cannon in this clip: