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Could I have some feed-back about my cable-grip? Answered

I've attempted a basic design of a cable grip for laptops. I came up with it as a friend of my rang asking if i could repair his USB ports after using a cable grip that plugged into them. Since every laptop I know of has a Kensington lock I thought about using it instead of ports.

Before I attempt any prototypes I'd like to know know what you think and I thank you in advance


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10 years ago

Not bad. From the image, I presume you do a half or full wrap of the cable around the center pin, then clip it into the cable grip?

One thing I'd suggest that you check out is "bend radius" data from various cable manufacturers you expect to encounter with this device. Cables have minimum recommended bend radii in order to prevent mechanical strain internally (which can and often results in premature failure of the cable conductors)., You may (or not) want to incorporate some sort of collar for the Kensington lock to meet minimum expected bend radius requirements of the cabling used.

Good luck!


Answer 10 years ago

No you just clip it into the cable grip. I also forgot to mention that the cable grip could possibly be spring loaded to absorb some of the force when yanked.

Thanks for the feed back. I'll have a look t that info tho.