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Could anyone help me figure out how to sew a homer simpson plush doll? Answered

I'd like to make my own Homer Simpson plush doll but I need help figuring out how to do this, I'd appreciate any help :)


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9 years ago

It's pretty simple:
1. Cut out a front and back of his body in yellow fabric, leaving 1/4 to 1/2 in extra on the edges for the seam.
2. Pick a side for the front and make his face and ears. Everything will be basically circles and ovals with that same seam length mentioned above.
3. With the seams on the inside of the mouth, eyes, nose,... sew around them on the inside until you have a gap left big enough to fill with polyester.
Tip on the mouth: To make his lips, crimp the fabric about where the lips should be and sew the crimp in. You may need to account for this when you cut out the shape. Remember, you can always pull the seams in farther because they're hidden,but you can't make more fabric if it's too tight.
4. After you're done with the face, Lay the front and back on top of each other, with the outside in. Sew around it, but don't go all the way around. Leave a 3ish inch gap somewhere that will be hidden (like the crotch) so you can fill it.
5. Flip it inside out. Bam, the seams are gone.
6. Pretty much overstuff it with polyester because it'll mush down. Start with the appendages, and use a pencil or something to cram.
7. Once it's full, sew the gap up.
8. Add accents like pants, shirts, shoes, the three hairs. It'd be best to sew the clothes on with one or two stitches on each side so they stay in place.

Hope that points you in the right direction, I made a pillow in middle school this way and it's lasted. (I'm in college now.) Just be meticulous. Or do one quickly so you know what to look out for on the second one.