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Could anyone provide 9 blade wind turbine templates for me to use? Answered

I am seeking templates for 9 blade wind turbines from 1.5 ft. radius to 3 ft. radius, prefer the 3 ft radius. I've seen a couple of nice designs on here, but I have to alter them and make them strong enough to stand up to 100 mph micro bursts of wind in severe storms. I am currently building a 6 ft wide 12 blade wind turbine, and one half that scale for my electric tri-hull pontoon boat I designed. It carries 18 batteries in the hulls (6 ea.) in a 35 ft. pontoon boat.


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10 years ago

I hope this helps it's a line drawing of savanious with nine rotors i'd recomend all aluminum construction. plywood comes delaminated after several seasons and can warp in sun and under snow loads. generater recomended is same one found in world best selling small horzontal axis wind turbine they have marine version for six hundred. generator sells seperate beside your design might be the next big thing.