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Could i convert an air compressor into a Diesel Engine ?? Answered

I've heard its possible to convert a small compressor into a diesel engine ??

could someone post some info on how to do this or point me in any direction ??



6 years ago

You all are wrong. Go on youtube and type air compressor engine. ive made a working diesel with a old 1940's pump. its runs great and i even use it to power equipment. never thought that i would get as far as running stuff with it but the sky is the limit i guess. its a twin cylinder inline. starts after 5 crank rotations cold. used a injection pump from a old german tractor, (forget the name). have you guys even seen whats inside these pumps? the older they are the more solid. the one i used looks to be built even stronger then and engine ive torn into. that means bearings, rods, pistons, ect


8 years ago

I'd be surprised if it's possible in general. Might be possible in specific cases. Might be dangerous in many cases.

Websearch how diesels work, and you'll see that they ignite not with a sparkplug, but with the heat obtained by compressing the fuel-air mixture. As with other engines, ignition produces power which then drives the piston back down. Some set of valves is needed to vent off the burnt mixture and introduce more for the next combustion cycle.

Obvious complications are those valves, making the thing strong enough that it doesn't blow up or burn up, and making sure the motor actually completes the cycle rather than being driven back in the opposite direction. Give me a few minutes and I can probably think of others.

Rather than destroy a good pump trying to make a bad engine, I'd suggest keeping the pump and hunting down a used engine.


Answer 8 years ago

. +1. An air compressor is not going to be designed to handle the stress explosions. You might get it to work, but I doubt if you will be able to get much power out of it before it destroys itself. But I'm no engineer - YMMV.


Answer 8 years ago

Or the heat. Compressors get hot but not nearly as hot as an internal com. engine.


8 years ago

I have seen a couple small engines converted into compressors, but never a compressor converted into an engine.
Ork is correct, a compressor simply won't survive the stresses that are generated by the fuel-air detonations.