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Could i use a 1 3/4 HP electric sander for a homemade pocket bike? Answered

if i were to use a sander how would i make it cordless. or would it be better to just use a 20-25 cc gas weedeater


Electric Spectre1

9 years ago

It would be better to buy a 49cc pocket bike.  you need at least a 40cc engine or you'll have problems stalling it.  If you get around that using different gear ratios then it won't go very fast, probably won't even be fast enough to balance.  As well a sander uses 120 VAC so it won't run on batteries unless you have a complicated inverter, and inverters are expensive.  If you were able to find a DC they run a fairly high price, same with the batteries.  A car starter motor would work, its DC and easy to find, but you need at least 2 car batteries.  That costs money as well as it weights alot.  I have a pocket bike I got from a German Racing Club, 49.9cc.  I got it and another for spare parts for $80 cause they both had a few problems and I made one amazing bike out of the two, you can find ones with problems cheap, usually a missing gas tank or other problems, but the engine is usually good, in my case it was brand new.  I made enough money selling the extra parts that I actually made money.  It would be easier and probably cheaper to just buy one.  If you can find a really nice racing bike from a European country cheap is good, but if your in Canada you will have to get a used one because you can't import them anymore because of a new Emission law.  Look on a bargain finder in your area for some.  If you can get a couple that have different problems from others, buy both and make one bike, sell the GOOD spare parts you don't need and you'll be good to go.  This could take a little while because you want to get a good deal.  Maybe even post a want ad. 

I added a picture of the German racing club bike.  This bike is almost brand new it was one year old when I got it.  The guy had never started it,  he dropped it and bent the handle bars and broke the gas tank.  I got it for $40 and used the frame and engine on it.  All the other parts came from other bikes including a new set of racing tires, new front fork, new brake discs and calipers, and gas tank.  I don't have a picture of it after it was done but it is extremely nice and runs great all for $40.  You want to make sure you get a good deal.  Tips on getting one:

1) Invest $25 in a metal pull start. (If its a true European race bike it will already have one)

2) Remove all the body panels EXCEPT the top one that secures the gas tank and you sit on.  The others get broke easily and you can put them on if you want to show the bike.  You may want to leave one side body panel on if it comes with a key kill switch so no one can start it without a key.

3) Electric starters are useless.  They add extra weight and they never work properly.  Plus its a small engine and is easy to pull start.