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Could somebody help me set up a domain for my server? Answered

Could somebody please help me setup a domain for my server?

it runs on port 19132
i have android and windows at my fingertips
i need it to be public so anybody can use the server
it is a Minecraft pocket edition server running pocket mine on my nexus 4
looking for a free solution.

Thank you


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5 years ago

One is to just throw your IP out there but that isn't safe and you will get hacked. You also gotta consider your current internet connection. Many ISPs will notice the huge up tick in traffic to your IP and will want to put you on a commercial plan which will cost more. Also your IP may not stay the same week after week. Which becomes a problem for people trying to connect to your server. So you'll have to request a static IP from your ISP. This again cost extra and they will try to sell you on a commercial plan. Then you gotta worry about hackers and keeping your server protected.

There are a great many services out there to get a domain from and help you set it up. Do a google search. Keep in mind a free domain can be purchased out from under you at any time. Also services that offer free domains may require you to have their adds on your site. Or they will want to be the ones to host your site on their hardware and make you pay for that.