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Could you indicate which Forum Topics listings are "Pro-Members-Only", please? Answered

Whenever I look at "Community: all: posts & topics," I keep clicking on stuff that seems interesting, only to find that - oh, rats! - it's from the Pro Members Only Forums Categories.
...But there's nothing on the "Posts & Topics" listing to indicate that it's thus restricted.

Once the category really gets going, I fear I'll find myself fruitlessly clicking on listings like "Wild Party at ewilhelm's - Naked Robot Pictures!!!", and that I'll ultimately wind up in a great big ball of Naked-Robot-Picture-deprived frustration.

Ironically, the only reason I haven't become a member yet is that I don't want the "Pro" badge all over my screen name, avatar, and Instructables. Since "Pro" badge can and does appear in any number of places where, In My Extremely Humble Opinion, it is not particularly useful; could you please also put it in a place where I, and perhaps others, would find it quite helpful - to wit, on the pro-members-only Forum Topics listings?

Thank you.

(Note 1: something about this business of the "Pro" badges seems to have put me very solidly in touch with my Inner Petulant Whiner. I've tried to keep the whiney petulance to minimum, but do also offer my apologies for those bits that seem inevitably to leak through.)

(Note B: Any and all references to festivites hosted by ewilhelm, and/or to photographic evidence of Robot in a state of deshabille, are purely hypothetical. Any resemblance to actual robots, people, or events, is entirely coincidental.)



10 years ago

I endorse your Inner Petulant Whiner. The 'ibles folks are going to have to learn to live with that. Folks tend to get twitchy (and properly so) when they spend actual cash money. Particularly in cases like yours where your contribution presumably drives traffic to the site increasing ad revenues. I'd whine too but my Inner Lawyer has me all locked up. My Inner Child is suing my Inner Parent for emancipation so it can move out and make its own way.


10 years ago

. Part of that is a bug. Some topics are blocked to subscribers, also. . Many of us subscribers share your feelings about the Pro badges (and the term Pro itself).