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Cow USB HUB Answered

I have been needing a usb hub for a while now, and I went on instructables to see if anyone had good ideas for usb hubs, and i found this and i got the idea to make a usb hub cow(7 port), using a can for teh body, and the hub would sit inside the can, and i would use usb extension cords, 6", to go from the hub to certain parts of teh body. The cow would be standing on its hind legs, and on its belly, the utters, would be 4 usb ports, then the arms would be sticking staright out, but i might have it so i can move them freely, and for each hand would be a usb port, then on the head, the mouth would be the otehr usb port, and i could use fiberoptics or somthing for the eyes to go to the LEDs on the usb hub if it had any, but thats my idea, if anyone has suggestions, they are appriciated, im probably going to make it in a couple weeks, and i will put it on here


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11 years ago

lol...very nice idea that is...good luck with it. moo = encouragement from me.