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Craftsman Tractor Transaxle/Shifting Problems. Answered

Hello, I have a "Craftsman= IC-Gold Series, Horsepower/Over-Head-Valves= 14.5, and the Model # of= (917.270514).  Can anyone tell me how I can get to the "Transaxle", so I could grease it??  It is shifting extremely hard, and trying to mow with it is quite difficult.  I have been searching for a diagram that might show me where/how to get some grease into the transaxle to enable easier shifting of the gears.  Thank You for your time/attention to my inquiry.


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10 years ago

The transaxle in the craftsman mower is not a user serviceable unit.  Any service done on it has to be done by craftsman service.  There is no fill port.  It's a sealed unit and the grease put in by the factory is meant to last the life of the transaxle.

If the trans. is bad it's usually just replaced.

BUT, more likely your clutch needs adjusting.  If it is not releasing fully the trans. will be difficult or impossible to shift. 

Or, there may be binding in the linkage somewhere.  Check that and lubricate the linkage and see if it gets better.