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Create a LEGO online-campaign! Answered

Hi everyone,

If you have a passion for LEGO and would like to work on a online viral-campaign, now you have your chance!!

LEGO has asked the brand new company BootB.com to post a brief in which you can make money with YOUR ideas. The objective is to come up with ideas for either one strong overall campaign idea or a series of viral messages that are so intriguing, fun and engaging that kids just have to see it and send it on to their friends. The brief comes from the heart of the communication development in the LEGO Company –LEGO IN-House Agency.

We want the creators to help us develop a viral brand campaign that captures the greatness of the LEGO brand – and having a global appeal.
You can win $ 12000 if you come up with the best idea!! So, don’t waste any time and register at www.BootB.com to be a part of this new experience. If you have any further questions about BootB or the LEGO-Brief, please feel free to ask me!



I am a BootB-official. Verify this posting at http://validate.webrepassociates.com and enter code: jchds4auz


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