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reuse parts of Hp Tx1000 laptop to something useful probaly a tablet as it has a touch screen Answered

I have a HP tx1000 tablet PC. It has some problem with motherboard(common heat sink problem with HP tx1000 series laptops).
becuase of which Nvidia GPU is not working now hence laptop is not working. It does not boot up.
Is there a way I can create a new laptop/desktop out of all its working components(HDD, memory, LCD, WIFI card,motherboard)
without faulty GPU.
Is there any way to skip GPU test in BIOS.
I wanted to create a 10 inch tablet out of its useful parts.

Thanks in advance for your reply/suggestions.



9 years ago

providing that the power supply (power cord) and power pin (thing cord plugs into on laptop) are ok...  I dont see WHY you wouldnt be able to take this laptop, complately disassemble the parts, or just use the bottom half of the case, and put it into a custom built chasis.  (saw a really nice glass top desk(top) pc one time.  Built into the desk  itself.  Sounds like this would be a good candidate for that.  I am not sure if the decktop heatfink and fan will fit or not, not sure on specifications for size of your current cpu, however maybe just a few 120mm fans blowing over the current heatsink/fan?  Let me know if this works out for you, and if you do it dont forget to write and 'ible on it....