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Creating Database Answered

Hi All,

To be honest, I don't know if my inquiry fits within this forum, but I really had no idea where to post what I need.

I am currently interning at a non-profit nature center which relies heavily on volunteers. As art of my internship, my supervisor would like several databases created. I don't know what program would work best for my needs and I was hoping somebody could give me a few ideas for what I need to create.

Here is what she would like:

1. A volunteer database that is searchable by the training and expertise each volunteer has received. Let's say for instance, that we are having an insect program and only those who have been trained for the program can volunteer. I need to be able to search a keyword or from a drop down menu individuals who have received this training. A spreadsheet would suffice, but some individuals have so many training sessions that it would get a bit long. We also have over a hundred volunteers.

2. A teacher database that shows the grades and classes each teacher in our system teaches. We have school groups come out, and if their is a fourth grade program, there is no reason to contact every other grade teacher.

3. This is the really challenging one. We have rental programs, and all users must complete rental information which includes name, contact information, type of rental, and emergency contact. I would like to go paperless with this and if somebody rents more than once they have to fill in the information every time. I would like to be able to search their name and have all of their information come up, then input their rental type and time, which would give me a list of how many rentals we have had per day/week/year and how much money we have made.

As I said, I could just make a spreadsheet for the first two but I would like something a bit more sophisticated. If I was not clear about anything, please let me know.



5 years ago

You can use MS Access, as MPilchFamily suggested. It also ties into Excel, so you can go back and for between simple spreadsheet and more complicated relational databases.

I suspect that you could do all three databases (which are independent) using Excel. It provides the ability to create "fill in the blank" forms, and you can write macros to do things like retrieve the last record with a matched field, the way you described.

This sort of thing does require some expertise with whatever software you choose, but it sounds like you know that already. Good luck!


5 years ago

Look into using Microsoft Access or equivalent software. That will be better suited for a database than a spreadsheet would be.