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Creating Multi Source power to store in batteries and convert for home use Answered

 I am planning on using multi source electricity producers to store in batteries and convert to 110/220 AC for home use.

I am going to set up as many generators as I can, including solar panels, wind generators, water flow generators and heat flow generators.

I am building an underground storage room for the batteries.

What would be the best batteries to use?

What do I need to be able to use my generators to charge the batteries (I am thinking I will need a separate battery charger for each battery, but what do I need between the generators and the chargers?) and then how do I convert the DC to AC and hook it up to the house?

As I will be doing this a little at a time, we will be using electricity from the power company at the same time. As we save money on the electric bill with the power we supply, we will expand our own generation of power, until we no longer need to buy electricity.

Thank you in advance, Michael C. LaMay


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4 years ago

Instead of generating lot of electricity and use batteries for storing them, opt for "Net Energy Metering" System. Here, your power generated is connected to the local power-grid and you can sell the excess power. You can also draw additional power from the grid if required. No need of batteries. Even in India we can opt for Net Energy Metering System if we have the resources installed at home. Please also see the wikipedia article here:


Batteries have their own life and need to be replaced after certain period costing lots of money.


Reply 4 years ago

Good one! I like it.
They do the same here in AU but most providers only allow to go to a zero balance with credits but not get a payout.
Only those with much more solar panels than what fit on a normal house roof can get special contracts with a payback sheme.
Still for most it is a good choice as they work during the day when at home only a few things need electricty.

Did not think of it as I assumed an off grid configuration with all the genrators and batteries.


4 years ago

There are literally endless amounts of websites for companies dealing with off grid solutions, same for DIY projects.
Get a quote from solar company, tell them what you all want to add and they will give you the right answers.
Since you did no homework at all on the matter I suggest to start with a Google search.
Might also be a good idea to start with some calculations, like prices for batteries, solar panels, inverters, chargers...
If you want decent power stored in batteries you are looking at a few grand worth of batteries ;)