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Creating a guide & looking for suggestions Answered

Hi Folks.
Following a recent renewal of my membership I find myself with a bunch of patches I really should give out.
With that in mind I am thinking of creating a guide based on salvage, reuse & recycling of wood something anyone who has seen my own 'ibles will know is a subject close to my heart.
It could be created from pallets, old furniture, decking, fencing or anything else as long as the main material used is wood that has been previously used for something else & saved from the bonfire or landfill by being put to a new use then it fits my idea.
What I'm looking for from YOU is suggestions for 'ibles I can include, it could be something as simple as toy box or as complicated as a full suite of dining furniture, I'm looking for 'ibles to suit all skill levels but particularly things that involve readily available tools so while I wouldn't reject them entirely I'm not really seeking projects that involve CNC's & laser cutters.
So if you have an old or new 'ible of your own or someone else's that has caught your eye you think fits the bill please let me know, of course I will take the opportunity for a shameless plug of a couple of my own so I have one or two to get me started ;-)
For every 'ible I use I will award a Wood Reuse patch (thanks go to planetpals.com for the image) for the person who suggests it & if it's not you own the creator of the 'ible.
Thanks for looking folks, I look forward to seeing your suggestions.


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