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Creating a network of LCD screens that display 'room stats'? Answered

My mission is to have my house automated, and in that process, in each room I want to have a touchscreen LCD monitor with a laptop mounted behind it displaying stats for that room (e.g temperature, weather, news, panic button etc). I've come up with a mockup of what the very basics of the UI would include. Each unit will be connected by wireless (or CAT6 depending if I can be bothered) to my main server, which will push all the data not collected by the sensors (e.g news).

What would be the best way to design the UI and to link it with the various sensors involved? 



8 years ago

i personnaly think this is wonderful idea ( dont listen to the others ) however i would have it set up to look a little nicer and so on and have it to it didnt just DISPLAY the room "Stats" but could CONTROL them as well , perhaps with a built in trackpad, rollorball style mouse or full keyboard, you see something like it in the first ironman moie where tony stark has a panel on his wall that has airconditioing controls news lights etc, and they do make something much like this for the rich and powerfull which is essentially a touch screen univeral remote connected to pretty much everything in their homes, using systems like this are also very cost effective which has been a major selling point in the few systems on the market in the sense that it can have things that eat up power and gas and the like such as air heating water heater on set timers so at X time , say when you wake up, it turns on at Y time, say when you leave for work or school, it turns off and Z,say when you get back home, time it turns back on


9 years ago

I really don't see the use of this.
The camera will show what?
It sounds interesting, but not very useful.


The camera I'm not sure. I'm a bit of a security-nutter, so maybe the front of the house etc. The main reason I want to do it, is just because I can :) Plus I get bored easily

I understand a bit better, but wouldn't you prefer to pull the same data to a smart 'phone via an internet connection? Works when you're out too.


Thats not a bad idea. I've been experimenting with the iPhone SDK lately, so I might try to make some sort of app. The store has some basic apps that can do the basics, but I'll try making a customized version. Thanks!


9 years ago

It would be killingly expensive. Much better to use embedded computers to do this.