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Creating an LED score keeper? I need something more simple... Answered

Greetings! This is has been bothering me so long I've finally created an account to ask the Instructable gods for help, first time poster!

So I'm creating a table for Magic: The Gathering and would like to add two small LED counters. This project is the closest I can find:


The problem is I'm not extremely well-versed in micro chips and this project is much more complicated than I need. Rather than 4 counters, I just need 2; they need to start at 20 and I need to be able to increase/decrease each counter individually.

My questions:

1. Would I need to learn programming/printing chips? Would this project be hard?
2. Should I run the counters off separate systems, each counter having two buttons? Would that use too much energy?
3. Where should I look for resources?

Any help y'all could give would be greatly appreciated!


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7 years ago

Basically, what would I have to do different from the linked LED score keeper?