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Creating heart beat from mic input? Answered

Hai guys.. I'm doing a project to get the heart beat through a mic... So I connected the top end of a stethoscope to a tube and the other on of the tube to mic (seal tight). The mic is an Arduino mic module. Using anlogread function I'm getting an input with lots of numbers and when plugged into to direct audio to my Mac I hear the heart beat. What I want is to see the bpm from the reading that I'm getting from the Arduino not just random numbers. Is there any way from doing this?
Thank You in advance... 


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4 years ago

Track the rate of change of the numbers. When they are a maximum rate of positive , start a timer, when they are at a maximum rate of positive change stop the timer. The timer holds BPS, x 60= BPM, but filter the result for say 5 beats.