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Creating "in house" lenticular photos Answered

Does anyone have information on what is needed to create lenticular photos in house? I am working for a company who would like to have this set up for their member events.

Thank you!



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3 years ago

How to video (not easy though)


Answer 3 years ago

You can do something similiar by slicing a photograph vertically and gluing the slices to each side of a triangle, glue the triangle to a backboard in the right order and you get an image that changes as you go past it.


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

Your use of the phrase, "in house", might be unnecessary, because Instructables.com is ostensibly a place for DIY projects.

I mean, I imagine that someone could write an instructable whose only instructions were the words,

"Get somebody else to do it for you."

But that would be SEDIFY, and that's pretty much the exact opposite of DIY.

Anyway, there are a few 'ibles here on the subject of making lenticular prints, and from what I can glean, essentially what these all boil down to is:

1) Get some images.

2) Use software to slice, dice, and interlace these images.

3) Print the interlaced image.

4) Attach the printed interlaced image to a sheet of lenticular lens material, somehow.

The 'ibles I found here, I found using a Let's make: search for, "lenticular print",


Like this one,


and this other one,


and those two are the only ones that seemed to obviously be on topic. Although there may be others here I have not noticed.

Also worth looking at is the Wikipedia article for, "Lenticular printing", if you have not read it already,

Also if you use a search engine, to look for the critical material ingredient, which is, "lenticular lens sheet",


a lot of the web sites selling this sheet material, likely also will have links pointing to tutorials, or maybe even videos, on how to use this material, for to make lenticular prints.