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Creative MuVo V100 doesn't work on Win7, help? Answered

I have a Creative MuVo V100 (1GB, battery operated mp3 player)

It's the same mp3 player as i had long ago, well, same looking and so, not exactly same, it was 6 years ago.

So i found this at a flea market, it has some crappy music o it, works when i put in a battery.

BUT! The problem is, Windows 7 doesn't recognize it. is there ANYHOW i can make my windows 7 see the mp3 player? It marks it as a unknown device, and refuses to do anything.

Please, just for fun, i would want this workign on windows 7.
Thanks at advantage.

(or do i have to revive my XP, since both laptop and desktop are win7)


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9 years ago

I would start by testing it out on somebodies XP syste, just to see if it works correctly. Its possible that it is not being recognized because its broken. SO test it first to see if that is an issue. If it works ok then do a search and see if you can find drivers for it. Windows may not have them in their catalog. If the company is still in business then Email them about it. If not then its possible some of the driver archives online might have it. Finally if the Win 7 driver does not exist then try one for Vista. And if vist drivers don't exist then force the XP drivers to be used.