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Cross-braces for wooden shelves Answered

I want to make cross-braces for wooden shelves I built  using 1x4 stanchions, 1x12 shelves, threaded rod between the stanchions to hold the shelves up and the whole thing together, from an Instructables project.

Ikea sells the perfect thing http://ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/87749600/  except it's too short and there's no Ikea in town; I mention it for the example it provides.  These http://www.storeroomshelves.com/storeroom_shelves_bracing/storeroom_shelves_bracing.htm look good too, and are cheap, but are 700 miles away.

They don't need to be strong: I anchor the stanchions to the wall; I need them to hold the shelves up when I mantle and dismantle them.  They do need to be thin because the shelves are against the wall.



4 years ago

If you have a warehouse nearby you might be able to get packing bands (plastic strips) they use to secure packing.

In the old days metal bands were used but most use the plastic now and it is great stuff for fixing problems like yours.
It does not stretch and comes in black or white color.
You should fold the ends and use a nice srew with flat washer to fix the strips in place.

Here is an image to show what I mean:



4 years ago

The wire X-braces are not to support weight but to keep the rectangular frame of shelfs and stanchions square and upright. You could get threaded rod screw-eye ends and turnbuckle hardware for threaded rod to make your own but you could also use metal or plastic pipe strapping that comes in rolls. The holes in the strapping allow you to screw it into the shelves and cut to length to make the X straps. Good luck.