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Crystal walkie talkie range extender? Answered

Hey everybody, I'm modifying some old walkie talkies I have, and I want to extend the range but I'm not sure how to do it, though, because it uses one of those crystal transmitter components to output 49 Mhz. If someone knows how to extend range on radio crystals please let me know! Thanks in advance!!



Best Answer 8 years ago

They transmit farther if they are tuned properly.  But that takes some expensive equipment and know how.

You could exchange the output transistors for more powerful pieces but that takes know how and adjustment again.

You could feed the output into an outboard RF amp but that will cost more money than you are probably willing to spend.

You can buy (if you can find) a better antenna.  the short multisection antennas are not properly sized for the frequency that they broadcast on.  An antenna that is not properly tuned will waste some of the signal strength.  A properly sized and tuned antenna will allow ALL of the signal to exit the antenna.

Adding more powerful components or an amp will probably make your handheld illegal to use unless you have a license to use it.


2 months ago

I have 100m walkei talkei but i want to extend it to 500m tell me methods please


7 years ago

I was trying the same thing after I turned one mine in to a short range transmitter both of mine are different models but use similar frequency's, I knew that you can get in trouble with the FCC. so for my transmitter I haven't tried amplifying it at all I did for the receiver tried to increase the range of it's reception and found that the antenna wasn't even connected after hooking it up to the right transistor it picks up my transmitter for a little more than 100 meters, and can only be received with in that area it can be picked up by an FM Radio but My receiver Walkie has to have an almost direct connection with the antenna of the radio. I doubt the FCC would come after me for having music broadcast from my computer to my porch when I'm outside having a barbecue or drinking a beer or something outdoors. At least I hope not. I have no idea about what the Mhz of my walkies is though how do you tell. My transmitter is a Power Rangers Model Walkie, and my Receiver is Grand Prix.

I've tested it extensively and I don't think my neighbors can even pick it up when it's transmitting It doesn't even reach to the shed right outside my house. It reaches the porch where I have my grill though.


8 years ago

I don't think that you could do this and still comply with part 15 of the FCC rules and reg. You are looking at some pretty heafty fines if you don't comply.


Answer 8 years ago

Oh geez, I'll check it out thx!


Answer 8 years ago

No problem. I got hit with those once, so I like to warn people every time I get the chance. :)


8 years ago

AT 49 Mhz even with higher power your going to be looking at line of sight.

A little experimentation with reflectors may/will give you better range at the cost of directionality.

With a parabolic reflector you would need to be aiming at the receiver BUt it could increase your range 3 or 4 times assuming a direct line of sight.