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Cultivate the Holistic Methodologies of the Database Application Facilitator Answered

One of the things I get inflicted on me more and more frequently as I wander dazedly through the corridors of school management iss the buzzword.

Already rife in the corporate version of reality, they're the words that numpties use to fill what should be a contemplative moment, or to cover a chasm of ignorance.

It is beginning to look like we are in an increasing syllabocracy - the world is ruled by people who use long words.

But, have no fear. I have come across two tools to save your sanity.

The first is Buzzword Bingo - every time you visit, it generates a bingo card of buzzwords to be checked off during a meeting. Tell your colleagues, and each take one into the next concept cascade meeting you go to.

When you eventually get caught playing, you will possibly need to update your CV. "Computer technician" is so boring - use the Techie Job Title Generator to come up with a more impressive way of entitling your functionality.

Via: New Scientist


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Reply 11 years ago

I will try to give an example here.

I will endeavor to dispense a praxis at this point in time.


11 years ago

An older form of buzzword bingo, from MIT in 1996.