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Cup warmer plate/tray to install in cupboard Answered

My house is rather cold in the winter, and when I make coffee in the morning I have to manually heat my espresso cups by filling them with warm water. A lot of automatic espresso machines have cup warmer trays. I don't want to buy a new coffee machine.

I am thinking it would be possible to place some kind of warming mat under my cups in the cupboard, somewhat similar to heated mattresses / heating blankets. I haven't found any existing products that fit the description.

Any input on this? :)



3 years ago

You get reptle heating mats but I fail to see the benefit of wasting energy for the sake of a few minutes.
By the way: using plastic mugs does not require extra heating....


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for the tip!

Reptile mats looks like a good solution. I got Jura cup heating rack for the time being, but would like an integrated solution: https://us.jura.com/en/professional/accessories/CupWarmer-CH-71268-Pro