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Cura can't connect to printer Answered

Hello, I am new to 3d printer slicers and printers. I installed cura and setup a custom printer with the right dimensions to my xyz Davinci minimaker, and went to print a model. When I went to the printer tab it said no printer is connected (yes my printer was on and plugged in). I figure this is because it has a proprietary atmel processor in it. I then plugged my Arduino Mega in and went to device manager and installed the drivers. Cura did not recognize that either. Am I missing something that the printer and Arduino are not recognized??



Best Answer 2 years ago

Start with the basics first:
Drivers, hardware setup, tests....
After that and assuming your printer is recognised spent a day or two calibrating the machine.
AFTER all that try a simple testprint ;)


2 years ago

I have the xyz drivers installed with the xyzware I do not want to use. I found online that cura can't recognize it, and there is no sd card to put the gcode on. I am just going to use my ch341ser mega 2560 and ramps to control my xyz minimaker. Cura does not see the printer, but pronterface does