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Current Free E-Books? Answered

Anyone know where I can download CURRENT free e-books? Current like Rick Riordan, James Dashner, etc.



Best Answer 8 years ago

When i bought a "NOOK" reader at Barnes & Noble, they gave me a 1page paper on "how to check out e-books from the local library" !! You might want to go to your local library or to barnes and noble and ask them. I would type the procedure here, but it is one whole page singlespaced instructions (printed on BOTH SIDES!! ). It's too much to type here. There are no late fees. The book expires and deletes after the lending period.


8 years ago

Check out this forum:

There are plenty of free books on the internet (e.g. project guttenberg from google, freebies from the Sony and Kindle store, etc.).
But be careful, there are also plenty of illegitimate sites offering e-books from the dark side of the net.
I assume the authors you mentioned will still be under copyright, so unless there are books from them as freebies, you won't find them for free on a legit basis.


8 years ago

I don't know of anywhere you can download any current free e-books. There may be a few but if I am a writer and spend my time writing a book, why would I publish it for free in e-book form. If I did that then I couldn't afford to live to publish the next one.


8 years ago

Cory Doctorow's site has all his novels as free downloads.