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Custom Built LED Module for Your PC Answered

Have you ever been interested in having one of those neat computers that are lighted inside, but don't want to pay for an expensive computer. Now you can get a lighting module for your PC for as little as ten dollars.

I am building LED modules for users to integrate into their PCs. The standard ones have eight LEDs, run off of the standard molex power connector, and beautifully illuminate your PC. However, I can custom build an illumination module with almost any features you want I can even use blinking LEDs. And the best part is they are cheap, the standard module will only cost you 10 dollars plus shipping.

These are built with quality parts and are fully tested. The standard module is built with eight high luminosity white LEDs, just like in this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Light-Module-for-Your-PC/.

I can customize these in the following ways:
  1. More or less LEDs. I can use any number of LEDs that is a multiple of four.
  2. Blinking. I can make these with all or any number of blinking LEDs.
  3. Different breadboard sizes. I can make these with any standard size breadboard
If there is a different modification you want then let me know and I may very well be able to do it. Extra modifications may cost slightly more, but they are still significantly cheaper than an illuminated computer cases.

Look at the pictures and if you want one or wish to inquire about shipping post or PM me.


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