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Custom CSS to enhance instructable Answered


I would like to use custom CSS to enhance my instructables. It's possible to use inline css but I don't like it because it is very limited and inefficient. Are we allowed to define custom classes or import a custom style sheet and how can we do this?

I'm especially need this to have hover effects and set opacity etc. For example I want to have a hover effect on the very last (inline) image link of this instructable:

thanks for the help.


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5 years ago

There have been instances where users have created their own custom scripts and used advanced HTML coding to modify the look of the pages. Some changes require an add-on to the browser which can muck up your browser. But...you can't tell what the devs do the next time an update to the system is rolled out. Things will break and there is no recourse.


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks for your answer! However i was not looking for client based modifications. That should be no problem with custom user/greasmonkey scripts. I was asking for adding my own css classes to the server. Thank you anyway!